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Slots Payout Percentages

One of the most important things for players of online slots should consider is the payout percentages of the many various slots machines. Players naturally want to play at machines that are most likely to reward them with the biggest jackpots, and payout percentages can help them determine this.

What a Payout Percentage Is

Payout percentages are the numbers that casinos and gaming auditors use to determine how much a given slots machine pays out in the form of jackpots. The casino takes the amount of money a machine pays out over multiple paylines and across multiple players and divides that number by the amount of money it receives through bets from hundreds of players. Basically, the payout percentage is the percentage of every dollar that the machine takes in that is then given back out to various players in small and large slots jackpots.

Optimal Payout Percentages

Players might be surprised by what a high payout percentage is. While it might seem generous that a machine pays out half or 50% of what it takes in, that is actually a very stingy payout percentage and a good sign that a casino is cheating its customers. A good payout percentage is actually higher than 90%, with some of the best reaching upwards of 96%. That means a casino only receives about 4 cents of every dollar players bet, while giving back over 96 cents. Casinos can still earn millions of dollars this way, and players benefit from enjoying more frequent and bigger jackpots.

Players should only ever play at casinos that regularly report and audit their payout percentages, and then they should only frequent those casinos with the biggest slots jackpots.