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How to Use Auto Hold in Online Video Poker

One of the great things about online video poker is the speed with which players can play. The game can go incredibly quickly if players know what they are doing, allowing them more chances to win cash payouts. Players can accelerate the speed and efficiency of the game even more if they know how to use the Auto Hold feature correctly.

What the Auto Hold Feature Does

Auto Hold is basically a legal cheat function in most online video poker games. When the button is pressed the game will automatically put the cards that are most likely to make the best hand on hold. The player then takes his or her second spin to build the rest of the hand. More often than not, the Auto Hold feature creates a much better hand than the player would have otherwise been able to create. When paired with the Auto Play feature, the game can practically play itself, giving players the most number of wins in the shortest period of time.

Drawbacks to the Auto Hold Feature

Though the Auto Hold button almost always gives players better online video poker hands on their second and third spins, it is not always wise to use the feature. For one thing, games that use the Auto Hold option are paid out slightly less than they would if the player had made the same decisions him or herself. This can cost players a bit off the top of each hand. Second, players don't get the same enjoyment when the game plays itself.

Half the fun of playing online video poker is the joy of making the best possible poker hands. When using the Auto Hold feature, players don't get to make those important and exciting decisions.