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Cryptologic Video Poker

Software developer Cryptologic offers many options when it comes to playing video poker online. Borrowing elements from both traditional poker games and classic slots games, video poker allows players to build the best poker hands without the need for bluffing, raising, or even other players. In video poker it's the player against the odds, and luck, not skill, determines whether players get a winning hand.

Placing Bets

In Cryptologic video poker, the betting is a much simpler process than it is in traditional poker. Players simply buy into the game before they are given any cards. Once they receive their hand, they can choose which cards to keep and which to discard. They then receive one more set of cards. Instantly the hand is evaluated and the player is paid out according to the hand and the bet. There's no chance to raise, so there's no chance to lose even more if the hand isn't ideal.

Winning Big

Because there are no other players to play against, winning in Cryptologic video poker is not simply a matter of having the best hand. Players' hands are evaluated according to a set payout table that ranks possible hands from mediocre to great. Players who get a three of a kind or two pair, for instance, may win some money, but those who build a straight or royal flush will win a great deal more.

Playing video poker with Cryptologic can allow players to quickly and easily win big money for very small bets. The games move very quickly, so it's easy to watch the winnings add up in a very short time.