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One Eyed Jacks Strategy

With video poker increasing in popularity each and every year, game developers must constantly come up with new ways to keep players interested. One Eyed Jacks is just one variation of the game that puts a new twist on an old favorite.

The Facts

In this variation of video poker, one eyed Jacks are always considered wild cards; otherwise, the rules are much the same as other video poker variations. In order to receive a payout, players must build a hand that consists of a pair of Jacks or better. The cards are randomly generated by computer software, so players cannot possibly guess which card they will receive next and no charts can help players determine the outcome of any hand.

Basic Strategy

When playing One Eyed Jacks, players should use the same strategy they would use when playing standard video poker, as the only difference lies within the use of the wild cards. When playing for money or a shot at a progressive jackpot, however, players should remember to bet the maximum on each hand to qualify. Always remember that the odds of winning high-paying hands are very low when compared to the odds of receiving a simple pair.

Getting the Advantage

Also unlike some other variations of video poker, One Eyed Jack players are able to trade unwanted cards for new ones. By remembering all of these rules and applying them to the game in a manner that is on target with the odds and probabilities, players may be able to gain an advantage over the software itself. Players may also choose to set the user preferences to their liking in order to personalize the game and make it more comfortable.

Players who enjoy video poker will certainly love the twist that comes from playing One Eyed Jacks. By properly implementing the wild cards and using basic strategy, the odds of winning are actually fairly good.