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Video Poker Slots

When people go to the casino, they always go with the intention to come out ahead. Of course, sometimes that just is not an option; you may lose the money that was physically in hand or that was used through an online venture. So besides not playing, what gives you the best odds for coming out on top? The answer is Video Poker Slots.

Video Poker Slots

Video Poker Slots are a single deck machine that gives you the best odds for a win. Like any slots machine, it is as simple as the push of a button. It has a higher winning average than blackjack and regular poker, which is something to make it even more appealing. Like real poker, the idea is that you want to get the best hand and therefore win money, which is a simple concept that any gambler can understand.

Full House and Flush Payouts

The full house and flush payouts are the most important indicators you should look for in a machine, and they will be visible on the legend. Ideally, you are looking for a machine with a 10-7 payback which is for full houses and flushes, respectively. A 10-7 machine means that you get a payback of 100%, though you should note that this does not mean you will always win. With each time the numbers go down on the legend, so does the payback percentage: 9-6 for 99% slots, 8-5 for 97.3%, and so on. Realistically you will not find as many 10-7 machines as you would 9-6 and lower, but remember that they do exist if you keep looking!

If you follow these tips, it is easy to come out on top after visiting a live or online casino. Gambling is called a gamble for a reason, but sometimes it is beneficial to look at statistics and strategy to make sure you have that extra leg up on the people who may be sitting in the seat beside you.